PTSD and Addiction

Over the past twenty years, numerous research studies have proven a significant link between PTSD and ensuing addiction. In one study, where both addicted patients and a non-addicted control group were looked at, the substance abuse patients had a 97% positive PTSD result, while the control group had a 36% positive result.  The treatment of… Continue Reading →

If We Solve the Drug Crisis

There is no doubt we have a problem in the United States. That problem is drugs. What would happen if we solved this single problem? The United States is one of the worst countries in the world as far as the drug crisis is concerned. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It affects all families regardless of income,… Continue Reading →

How Substance Abuse Impacts the Whole Family

Written By Granite Recovery Centers Clinically Reviewed By Cheryl Smith MS,MLADC June 11, 2021 Substance use disorder can do a lot of damage to a person’s life, but it doesn’t stop with only one person. At Granite Recovery Centers, we’ve heard many heartbreaking stories from families that have come to us for help. Families are… Continue Reading →

Long Term Effects Of Meth Use

This article is about the objective consequences to one’s health that occur when meth is used over a long period of time. If you know someone who is using meth, this may scare them straight. Stimulants are often used to stay awake or increase production. They were even used in WWII by Nazi Germany, who advocated… Continue Reading →

‘Every overdose is a policy failure’: Mainers in recovery ask legislature to end punitive drug laws

June 9, 2021 Evan Popp With the 50th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s declaration of a “War on Drugs” approaching, Mainers who have been criminalized for substance use disorder gathered Wednesday at the State House to ask lawmakers to move away from decades of failed, punitive policies and support a bill that would decriminalize possession… Continue Reading →

Addiction Recovery for Mothers

Written By Granite Recovery Centers Clinically Reviewed By Cheryl Smith MS,MLADC June 8, 2021 Addiction recovery is an accomplishment for everyone going through the process. Anyone who is able to handle detoxing a drug from their system and using the tools that they’ve learned in therapy to move on with their lives is a superhero…. Continue Reading →


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