What I Would Give for a Second Chance

Today, I read a brief email from my son. He was talking about a woman he loves being in jail and not being able to get out. Understandably, he is heart broken by her choices. He said, “If she could only realize how shitty it is, what I would give for a second chance.” Those… Continue Reading →

A Novel Idea?

California looking to pay drug addicts to stay sober by ADAM BEAM | Associated Press Thursday, August 26th 2021 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Frustrated by out-of-control increases in drug overdose deaths, California’s leaders are trying something radical: They want the state to be the first to pay people to stay sober. The federal government has… Continue Reading →

United States of America – Shame on You!

Two years ago twenty eight people were arrested on federal drug charges in Aroostook County. The charges claimed each was a part of a large conspiracy to distribute drugs. If you follow my blog, you will know that when you are charged in a conspiracy, you are charged with the actions of every person involved…. Continue Reading →

Someone said,

“Well do you think he’s learned a lesson?” A friend and family member asked this question in my home about my son yesterday. Thankfully, I was not within earshot at the time. But let me just say what this lesson has been for the handsome, young man in this photo. Not only his lesson, but… Continue Reading →


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