What I Would Give for a Second Chance

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Today, I read a brief email from my son. He was talking about a woman he loves being in jail and not being able to get out. Understandably, he is heart broken by her choices. He said, “If she could only realize how shitty it is, what I would give for a second chance.” Those words broke my heart. Those words have been on my mind since early morning.

A second chance is to know how horrible a situation is, and to know what you need to do to fix it. It means making amends for the hurt you have caused others. Knowing that you are better than the situation drugs has led you to. It means knowing that you aren’t healed yet, but you are willing to work toward that every single day. Even if that means doing things you can’t stand doing. Even if it means you have to live without some people in your life.

Getting that second chance is hard work. Sometimes it takes years to get to where you can acknowledge that your choices, illness and mental health have caused hurt to those you love. Sometimes those things put you in situations you could never imagine being in. Looking back at that is hard. Looking in the mirror and knowing those things is hard. But it is also worth it.

So here’s to the young man in jail who has reconnected to his family and gathers all the support and love from them he can. Here’s to the ones working crappy jobs, because it’s the right way to live life. Here’s to the young pregnant woman who vows to pass every weekly piss test in order to take her child home. Here’s to the ones who go to school and work hard and make their own second chance. You are rockstars.

In the past months, I’ve also seen brave posts from one of our local mental health providers on social media. Outstanding people in recovery have shared their stories with before and after photos. Congratulations to you all, you have shown the utmost courage and resiliency in sharing your story. Those are the stories that will change someone else’s life and I applaud you.

I’ve been away from posting for a couple weeks, but I haven’t been away from seeing and listening and researching how this war is going, what steps are being taken to end it and the pain and suffering of those in active addiction. There is help. Please reach out.


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