Researched information and reflections from an Addiction Counselor, Advocate and Mother to a child suffering from Addiction. Navigating the legal system and all of the shortfalls of our response to the drug epidemic in America. For the heart, from the heart.

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Why don’t people who struggle with drug use ask for help?

Dr. Georges Petitjean Medical Lead & Clinical Director at NHS Drugs and Alcohol Treatment Services ★ Helping people to access the best addiction treatment experts, rehabs and follow-up for recovery May 17, 2023 Substance use can severely impact all facets of a person’s life. In spite of the negative toll that substance use disorders can…

Is there such a thing as an addictive personality?

(Image credit: Getty Images) By Isabelle Gerretsen 8th May 2023 The term “addictive personality” is widely used. Are some people really more prone to developing an addiction? During the 1990s,  the term “addictive personality” was used by some pharmaceutical companies – and, perhaps ironically, to promote addictive painkiller drugs. While marketing the opioid prescription drug…

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