Researched information and reflections from an Addiction Counselor, Advocate and Mother to a child suffering from Addiction. Navigating the legal system and all of the shortfalls of our response to the drug epidemic in America. For the heart, from the heart.

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Start A Conversation: 10 Questions Teens Ask About Drugs and Health

At the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), our goal is to help people get accurate, science-based information about drugs and health. To help you start a conversation about drugs and health, we’ve compiled teens’ 10 most frequently asked questions from more than 118,000 queries we’ve received from young people during National Drug and Alcohol Facts […]

Open the Doors

Browsing TikTok this morning I came across this incredible Ted Talk. Everything we need to understand and solve our drug epidemic is within this talk. So why haven’t we? We set aside scientific studies, proven effective methods for helping people struggling with addiction and then wonder why we are in the midst of this epidemic. […]

The Next Great Overdose-Reversing Drug Might Already Exist

Fentanyl-related substances have a bad reputation, but they could also save lives. In the US, a legislative battle to expedite research is heating up. The overdose crisis is getting worse. Biblical-plague worse. The United States recorded more than 107,000 drug-induced deaths in 2021, up 28 percent from the previous year. Fentanyl has played a key […]

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