Researched information and reflections from an Addiction Counselor, Advocate and Mother to an Addict. Navigating the legal system and all of the shortfalls of our response to the drug epidemic in America. For the heart, from the heart.

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PTSD and Addiction

Over the past twenty years, numerous research studies have proven a significant link between PTSD and ensuing addiction. In one study, where both addicted patients and a non-addicted control group were looked at, the substance abuse patients had a 97% positive PTSD result, while the control group had a 36% positive result.  The treatment of… Continue Reading →

Maine is averaging nearly 50 overdose deaths a month in 2021

by Lia Russell An elevated number of Maine people died of drug overdoses in March and April, continuing a trend of rising drug overdose deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new data released Wednesday. Some 57 people died of either confirmed or suspected drug overdoses in March, and 45 people died of overdoses in… Continue Reading →

Boys on the Tracks: The Story of Don Henry and Kevin Ives

Unconscionable and so frequent By Noam Heller In the pre-dawn hours of August 23, 1987, a 6,000-ton cargo train was carrying out its nightly run to Bryant, Arkansas, when, suddenly, the engineer on board spotted two immobile figures lying on the tracks. He instantly blared his horn, expecting them to pop up. But nothing. Not… Continue Reading →

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