Researched information and reflections from an Addiction Counselor, Advocate and Mother to a child suffering from Addiction. Navigating the legal system and all of the shortfalls of our response to the drug epidemic in America. For the heart, from the heart.

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How to Spot the Signs of Teen or Young Adult Substance Use

Figuring out if your child is using substances can be challenging. Many of the signs and symptoms are typical teen or young adult behavior. Many are also symptoms of mental health issues, including depression or anxiety. If you have reason to suspect use, don’t be afraid to err on the side of caution. Prepare to […]

The Stories are the Same Across This Country. Time to Change.

The federal drug conspiracy laws stack the deck against the defendant. I cannot decide if I believe they were created with that intention in mind, or if they were written by people that have no understanding of addiction. After 7 years of being clean, I still remember all too well my addictive ways, behavior, and […]

Chris Tigg’s Story – One of Many

~ Note: emojis represent name replacement. Chris’s Story: In regards to my case, I think it is wise to introduce the uninitiated to a little bit of historical and geographical reality. I’m from the birthplace of the meth industry in the U.S. (or really everywhere outside the theater of WWII). It’s an area of desert […]

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